Hemmings Auctions

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Hemmings Auctions was a bespoke, realtime, classic car auction website with a full CMS style admin backend to manage the auctions. It was built with Laravel and Vue.js, and also leveraged Redis, Websockets, Braintree, and ElasticSearch. Fun fact - my co-worker, and twin brother, were the only two developers on the project.

Envelope was designed to help manage all the greeting cards you'll receive. It allows you to clean of the fridge, clear space on the mantle and keep your memories with you all the time. The app is built on Nativescript Vue and has a Firebase backend. All of the design, artwork and coding was done in partnership with my twin, Colin. Check out his site here.

CAPTRUST Community Foundation

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CAPTRUST's Community Foundation was a custom Wordpress theme developed to bring this site under the umbrella of all their other sites in a Wordpress multisite configuration.